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“Making your prospecting more fun”
- Morgan Ingram.

He is your speaker for this webinar who has and is training hundreds of Sales Reps to stay self-motivated, use their creativity, and make use of modern-sales techniques to bolster pipeline, leverage social media, schedule net new accounts and cold calls with confidence.

With over 100,000 followers on LinkedIn, Morgan is, of course, a familiar name in the industry. Being the host of Muffins w/ Morgan and having a solid presence on Instagram and Twitter as well, his personal brand is one every marketing/sales enthusiast look up to!

He is also the fame of LinkedIn Top Sales Voice in 2018 & 2019, and it is almost evident that he is going to hit the hat-trick in 2020, with his 10:30:10 formula—the superpower every sales rep should know to steer amidst the noise and reach your prospects.

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Learn From an International Sales Coach

Master The Art Of Prospecting to add value to your business

Interact directly with the speaker and share your thoughts
Join like-minded people who can help you think beyond conventional perspectives

Frequently Asked

Frequently asked questions are answerd here

No it's a paid webinar.
Yes, upon registration you will get the Webinar invite along with the Calendar link to remind you.
Anyone interested in knowing more on Startup Marketing from a Global perspective
Get a chance to interact with a world top sales person and get your doubts on video outreach cleared!
Yes you can ask questions in between or in the end.
It will be held on Zoom without any constraints.
Yes it will be a live session. Turning on Video is possible.
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